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Women's Self-Defense Product in Development

Updated: Jul 3, 2021

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Development is continuing with new women's self-defense product.

Highlander Publishing has a series of new titles under development that will include multiple ways in which women and teenage girls can learn empowering self-defense.

We are partnering with the Women's Self-Defense Community to bring a very successful curriculum for women to learn how to defend themselves from rape, sexual assault, and physical attacks.

This proven method is being developed over a number of different delivery vehicles to make sure that the content is more accessible, available, and affordable for girls and women.

Multiple Platforms Planned for Release

We are looking to publish an entire series of empowering self-defense through e-books, paperback books, audiobooks, and an extensive online video platform.

The power of this release will be in the availability of the information across all of these platforms. This gives you the choice on how you would like to consume the information as well as being backed up with the online video platform.


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