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Jon Stewart Show Flops on Apple TV

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There is a problem with The Problem with Jon Stewart.

The failure of traditional shows and personalities on the newest forms of media emphasize the changes we are seeing in the media space and with consumers.

To point, Bloomberg reports Jon Stewart's new Apple TV show, The Problem with Jon Stewart, is "a humiliating flop with only 40,000 viewers".

To date, Apple hasn’t disclosed any viewership numbers for Stewart’s show, which since its debut has aired on a sporadic schedule. According to Parrot Analytics, Stewart’s program is the eighth most in-demand talk show in the U.S., ahead of programs hosted by Ellen DeGeneres and James Corden and behind ones hosted by the likes of Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Fallon, Stephen Colbert and Trevor Noah.

Being touted as the best of the worst is a stretch when trying to define success for the failing show.

That's 40,000 viewers out of an estimated 20 million people paying for Apple TV.

The failure of the CNN+ subscription service noted before is showing that people are not willing to pay for these types of programs and personalities which have been held up as successes in the past.

Audiences have changed. No longer are traditional media and personalities worth as much in this changed setting.

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