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CNN+ Subscription Service "Doomed"

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CNN+ subscription service is failing and is "doomed" according to industry sources.

Warner Bros. has paused all external marketing and have let go of the Chief Financial Officer for CNN+ as it decides what to do about the failing subscription service.

This comes after CNN has spent somewhere around $300 million of a promised $1 billion investment into the CNN+ product.

According to Sara Fischer of Axios, it appears the failing subscription service is “doomed”.

She says:

  • There is a huge disconnect between CNN executives who believe the launch has been successful and Discovery executives who disagree.

  • The CNN+ product has only attracted roughly 150,000 subscribers so far.

  • It is likely that other high-level positions at WarnerMedia will be eliminated across different business functions to save money.

CNN continues to feel the pinch of dropping viewership. Even the once highly-touted Chris Cuomo's 9:00pm primetime slot is going to be replaced with a live newscast, instead of personality-driven perspective programming.

Fischer has a good point, when ownership stops the marketing dollars to any product, it's the death of that particular product.

Apparently the technical roll-out of the service went smoothly. It's just that people are not willing to actually pay for any CNN products.


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